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Your special day deserves nothing but the best. You’ve put in countless hours of planning. It deserves the best. We will be with you for all the joyous moments, from the ceremony preparations through the reception.

Our job is one we absolutely love doing, capturing those precious memories to preserve for a lifetime. We are unobtrusive, respectful, and professional throughout. Your day deserves nothing less.

We believe that nothing captures all the details like video. The beauty, celebration, hidden moments, and all the emotions of your day. Imagine sharing these with your loved ones for many years to come!

Every couple is unique. We work closely with you in the planning stage to ensure we get everything you want out of your video. We use professional video and audio equipment to get the best picture and sound possible.

Our packages can be as simple as just capturing the ceremony to the full wedding day. We offer several different options for you to choose from for your final video, including a short highlights video, to a fully edited version. It’s up to you, so we make sure you get exactly what you want.

It takes time and attention to detail to put your wedding day together. We also are committed to taking time to make sure you get exactly the video you want. Most wedding videos are ready within six weeks from the date of your ceremony.

The biggest regret of many couples is not having their wedding day taped professionally. Brides often tell us the day goes by so fast. They miss so many of the details.

Family and friends are well-meaning, often offering to do the taping to save money by giving it as a gift. Unless they have a background in video and audio production, plus have hours to dedicate to editing, you might be forever disappointed. Trust Digital Workshop to do it right and give you exactly the video you want.

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